Zane at a Glance

Zane is a happy 7 year old boy that is enjoying 2nd grade at a local public school.  Unfortunately Zane had a very traumatic birth and was born after he lost over 60% of his blood.  This was caused by Vasa Previa; the survival rate is very low for babies.  We are so blessed he survived.  Because of the massive blood loss and the time it took for the doctors to figure out what was wrong with Zane, many health problems arose.  His life has been a roller coaster of doctor and hospital visits, yet he is still so positive!

At 2 1/2 years old we were told Zane would need a kidney transplant.  A feeding tube was surgically implanted in Zane to help him remain strong and to continue to grow so he would be able to have the kidney transplant when the time came.  He still has his feeding tube and is on growth hormones as well.  We have been very lucky, the doctors predicted Zane would need his first kidney transplant by the time he turned 4.  He has been able to hold off on it so far!  We do not know when he will have to have his first kidney transplant; we just know that he will have to have several in his lifetime.

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