Wonderful Support System

We are beyond grateful for all the help we have received from our friends and family in the planning and building of this years Haunted House. A few of our crew have been going through some of life’s trials. We love and support you and appreciate all of your dedication. 




Below is from 2015

I was very touched today…

We have always felt privileged to attend such a fine school. But today surpassed my expectations. We would like to thank, Mr. O’Dell, Kathy, Mrs. Pinheiro & the wonderful staff of Reese Elementary. Your support is is greatly appreciated.

And to all the great  moms, dads,  grandparents, etc. at Reese

We would like to thank,

Hannah -aka- big sister

Marvin & Judy Williamson ~aka~ Papa & Grandma 

Nancy Surplus ~aka~ Grandma Nancy

Kevin & Sabra  Williamson ~aka~ Uncle Kevin & Canny

Audrey & Brad : )

Darin & Susan Williamson ~aka~ Uncle Darin & Aunt Susie

Sarah, Curt & Taylor, Emily & Ian : ) 

Greg & Carla Decker ~aka~ Manny

Sarena, Justin & Bradley

Harvey & Chere’ Womack

Daniel & Cody : )

Mary & Rich McMurtrie

Matt & Nick : ) 

Dan & Deeann Belden

Jason & Kristy Orr

Harley, Rebecca & Tyler

Stacey & Margaret : ) 

Debbie Mayer


Ed (manager) LOWES in LODI  

Mark @ Surplus Lumber in Lodi

Judy Seifert

Joy, Rebecca Seifert and Family! @ Seifert Dairy in Acampo 

 Dalane Swink

Darren & Christina Belden

Raymond & Wanda McMurtrie

Marvelene Ballew

Khimm Journagan

Jennifer Lucas

Mrs. Pinheiro

Cheryl Walker 

Christina Wagner 

Starbucks Coffee in Lodi on Ham

Sharon, Dan, Ian & The Lodi News Sentinel

Stacy & Brian Kukendall

Bill McMurtrie & Michelle

Elvira & S&R Egg Ranch

Jenny Faye Klooster

Mrs. Hennecke

Mrs. Schatz

Tami Herrendon & Family

Jill & Knoll & Hubby~aka~Knoll’s basic Horsemanship 

Corinne Terry

Cheryl Walker

Chris, Sheryl & Kyle Simmons~aka~ our wonderful Neighbors 

  Wendy Lieginger

Mr. & Mrs. M. George

Aunt Myrna & Uncle Ted

Mr. &Mrs. C. Brady

Rod Souza

The Lovely women of the 2pm Bible Study Group at Emanuel Lutheran : )

Tom, Kirstin, Emily & Fintin Collins~aka~LUIGI~

Miss Monica, Mrs. Crivelli, 

Dude & Rena Ball

The Abba Family

Ralph R. Renna*

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