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4 comments on “Generous Gifts
  1. DC Belden and family says:

    WOW! You are an amazing strong little boy Zane…. We had a BLAST at the Haunted House last night! Kari & Phil…. You have such a great “support” group, and you all did a SPOOKY job! You guys rock! Little Miss Hanna …aka…BIg Sis…. BFF… You are a great helper and such a sweetheart…we love you all Huber fam! Hope this journey ahead is a smooth ride!

  2. Khimm Journagan says:

    We love you all, I am so happy we were able to reconnect and that Josh, Zane & Hannah have become good friends. I wish there was more we could do to help… I can’t wait to work on the golf tournament fundraiser!!! We are always here for each of you, you know like if Hannah needs someone to support her to receive an award! xoxoxo Khimm, John & Josh

    • Kari Huber says:


      Yes, it was so great to have met back up after all these years. You have an amazing child, Josh is a great kid. I love your go get’em attitude and appreciate your help in all of this. As you know it’s been uncomfortable for me. Thanks for being a great friend.

  3. Hannah Huber says:

    We are doing the HAUNTED HOUSE this year!!!!! We are sooo excited!!!! The dates of this HAUNTED HOUSE are 23rd,24th,25th,30th, and the 31st. just to let you know if you did not come last year the fundraiser is open donation, there will be a snack bar, a mini movie theater, a raffle, a kid area, and an AWESOME HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Hope you can make it. 😀

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