How it’s going

We are beyond blessed, the Lodi News Sentinel put us on the front page of the paper!


Zane’s friends have a great time at the Haunted House last night!

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Zane’s 2nd grade school picture

zane school 2014

Hannah’s 5th grade picture!


Playing in the rain!

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Field Trips with School

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80’s Dress up Day!

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Fun on the rides at the Grape Festival!

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Principal talking about Zane!


4 comments on “How it’s going
  1. Hannah Huber says:

    Thursday,and Friday went super well, i really hope today goes well. I loved scaring people. Remember the HAUNTED HOUSE is open for today,the 30 and the 31 if you have not come yet please come this year is magnificent it is 2x better. If you can not make it we would still except your donation on line, but if you can make it please come i promise that you will love it. 😀

  2. Kari Huber says:

    OMG I have the most amazing daughter!!!!

  3. Hannah Huber says:


  4. Hannah Huber says:


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