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              The IN~ZANE

      Project Haunted House       

   IS BACK with a vengeance!!!                                                  



The 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS…. from 7 to 10PM

This year the Haunted is even bigger! We have a mini movie theatre! Our snack Bar will offer~

Hot dogs, Nachos, Gourmet cookies, Popcorn, Coffee, Hot cocoa, & Bottled water






The IN~Zane Project Haunted House is sadly taking a break. We have work and other obligations. We thank everyone for their interest and support.





Congratulations Sirena Kuykendall Swink for winning the Fog Willow Farms Raffle Basket!

Thanks for coming!
Love the Hubers


We are overwhelmed by all the support and the great gift baskets, gift certificates and materials we received to make this years Haunted House a great success!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Reggie George with Solar City.  Reggie and Solar City are donating $250.00 towards The In Zane Project for every home that has solar installed that mentions to Reggie that they were referred by The In Zane Project.  Please give Reggie a call at 209-518-1781 or email him at to find out how much you will save each month on electric bills!  It is FREE, you save money on your electric bill and increase your property value, why wouldn’t you want do it?!

In Zane-SolarCity Flyer Reggie George1

We are at it again!!! We had a great turn out last year! But we have a lot more in store for this Haunted House! Check out the flyer below and save a date!! I will be adding details and pics as we go : )


” IN~ZANE HAUNTED HOUSE “    This Haunted House Is double the size from last year!! And has lots more fun and scares! We  will have our kiddie area with a few games !!!!  Possible movie theater, featuring “The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” ~ “Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein” & ” The Munster’s Revenge” RAFFLE with prizes from; A&W Root beer ~ Bon Appetite ~ Avenue Grill ~ Fog Willow Pumpkin Patch ~ Stogies ~  Snack bar with Popcorn, Candy, baked goods, Coffee, Cocoa &  more               Below is the fun stuff from last year, 2013!  Thank you for the wonderful women who made the tamales and to all that bought them!!! Thank you!     Thank you to Rick’s Pizza and all who came out on November 13th!         We had a blast….thank you everyone! a3e68bfa-4948-4ca7-932b-849f16ac48f3_5Halloween                                                       2013                                               1st Annual                                        The In-Zane Project”                                           Haunted House                                            Open donation !                              Kiddie area with games, candy and prizes         We will be selling-Bottled Water, Hot Chocolate, Popcorn                       &  Zane’s Favorite Bread (super Yummy!)                 October, 18th & 19th Friday-Saturday 7:30-10 PM                October, 25th & 26th Friday-Saturday 7:30-10 PM                        AT- 2420 Collier Road Acampo CA 95220           We will have limited parking, so please be patient and safe                                                            Thank you   in zane project5 kari's phone pic 07-04-13 038Breaking ground for the Haunted House kari's phone pic 07-04-13 039 Area we’re working with kari's phone pic 07-04-13 034Uncle Kevin preparing to make walls kari's phone pic 07-04-13 037Mr. Huber setting chain link kari's phone pic 07-04-13 043Building the first room! kari's phone pic 07-04-13 050 Harvey helping us out! Thank you! kari's phone pics 09-28-13 021Starting on the Emily Rose room kari's phone pics 09-28-13 023kari's phone pics 09-28-13 022   Measuring and leveling kari's phone pics 09-28-13 036kari's phone pics 09-28-13 037 The Emily Rose Room Audrey is designing kari's phone pics 09-28-13 035More walls kari's phone pics 09-28-13 046kari's phone pics 09-28-13 047Silly! Mary and Rich getting ready to build kari's phone pics 09-28-13 055Zane clearing dirt, favorite job! : ) kari's phone pics 09-28-13 045kari's phone pics 09-28-13 048 Entrance to the “Inzane Circus” kari's phone pics 09-28-13 052Master builer….Uncle Kevin kari's phone pics 09-28-13 051kari's phone pics 09-28-13 050 Mr. Huber building tombstones 😮 kari's phone pics 09-28-13 049Uncle Kev & Hannah getting out of storm kari's phone pics 09-28-13 054kari's phone pics 09-28-13 053   Harv & Chere’ helping with the corridors kari's phone pics 09-28-13 071Got a smile…after a tickle! he was bummed…he was too sick to help. kari's phone pics 09-28-13 057kari's phone pics 09-28-13 056 Cher’ and I (Kari) building the Donation booth! kari's phone pics 09-28-13 059And having fun too..of course : ) kari's phone pics 09-28-13 064Hay arrived! YEE HAW! kari's phone pics 09-28-13 065kari's phone pics 09-28-13 067   Dan, loaded and unloaded this hay, Thanks Dan! kari's phone pics 09-28-13 066Working hard! That’s our Girl : ) kari's phone pics 09-28-13 068Getting a roping lesson kari's phone pics 09-28-13 077Zane popped out… to see Hannah do a cartwheel kari's phone pics 09-28-13 081kari's phone pics 09-28-13 080 Farmer Phil, organizing the hay… kari's phone pics 09-28-13 078HAY GIRL! kari's phone pics 09-28-13 079Mr Harv…workin hard! kari's phone pics 09-28-13 082kari's phone pics 09-28-13 083 Cutting corn stalks. We’ve always respected the farmer…but a whole lot more now…geez that’s hard work! Haunted House Pics 002Kev, Jason, Rich &  Bill. Thanks Guys! Haunted House Pics 003Man, did that sprayer help!! Thanks Jason Haunted House Pics 004Miss Kristy, helping with the pink paint! haunted house pics 021Audrey, painting! Pretty in Pink haunted house pics 018 Canny setting up the Kiddie area! Haunted House Pics 015Haunted House Pics 016 Manny!                                                            Daniel! Haunted House Pics 013Miss Carla coming to help! Haunted House Pics 010Daniel waiting for his dad to make an executive decision…. Haunted House Pics 011Taking a break from the corn, whew! hot! We Have a ton of pictures to follow….but I had to quit posting in fear of giving too much away! WHOO! We have the first weekend under our belt! It went pretty smooth! Here are a few pics! kari's phone pics 10-19-13 027 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 026 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 024 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 037 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 038 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 039 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 044 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 040 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 046 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 047 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 050 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 049 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 051 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 052 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 053 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 054 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 055 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 056 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 057 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 058 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 061 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 062 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 063 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 067 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 068 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 069 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 070 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 071 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 072 kari's phone pics 10-19-13 074                                                          

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  1. Richard Mc Murtrie says:

    Hi Zane , How’s it going buddy ? The haunted house is starting to come together , it’s gonna be lots of fun ! Don’t scare me too bad ok ! See ya there !

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